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Jan 12 2012

iPhone 4S vs Galaxy Nexus: Speed Test

Cam does a quick speed test to show the differences between the iPhone 4S and the latest Android powerhouse: Galaxy Nexus. To test he loads similar apps and compares startup times, as well as comparing browser speeds. Follow me on Twitter: Facebook:

Jan 05 2012

iPhone 4S Review

Click "show more" to read my thoughts! My Main Point: Its a dependable experience that Id pick over any other phone even though its not the fastest phone available and Im getting kinda bored of the way iOS looks. Its the most intuitive phone available, and "it just works!" I dont think its worth an upgrade from an iPhone 4, but I definitely recommend the phone if youre coming from any other phone or a previous generation iPhone. Corrections: -the processor clocks in between 800mhz - 1ghz Thanks for watching! Twitter:

Jan 02 2012

Nokia Lumia vs iPhone 4 (Design)

Dec 22 2011

Galaxy Nexus vs iPhone 4S: Camera Test

GoDaddy: Promo Code SOLDIER21 New SKB T-Shirts!!! Get the Official SoldierKnowsBest Apps: iPhone: Android: FaceBook Fan Page: Google+: Twitter: New Gaming Channel: Website: In this video, I compare the cameras of two of the hottest phones out right now, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the iPhone 4. Lets Get it On!

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