Simple Ways To Maximize The Use Of You Iphone

Are you considering an iphone because you think it could be complicated to use? Are you worried that you will be able to use it properly? This article has a lot of information to help you enjoy your first iphone.

Think Your Iphone Is Just A Phone? Think Again!

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You may be clueless about what an iphone has. Don't let all the options of your phone scare you. Just read this article so you can unlock your iPhone's power.

The NFC Chip In Your New iPhone Is Only Good For Apple Pay — For Now + MORE

Apple confirms iPhone 6 NFC chip is restricted to Apple Pay


iphone from apple 1410867106 1666925579 The NFC Chip In Your New iPhone Is Only Good For Apple Pay — For Now + MOREApple finally added NFC to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but if you were hoping the company’s new NFC chip will allow you to pair speakers or integrated NFC tags into your favorite apps, however you won’t be able to do any of the when the iPhone 6 launches this week because Apple’s put its NFC chip on lockdown.
In an email to Cult of Mac, an Apple spokeswoman confirmed that NFC chip on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is only for use with Apple Pay.

Tim Cook Says Apple Has Never Shared Data: "You're Not Our Product" + MORE

PayPal takes a swipe at Apple Pay security over iCloud celebrity photo leaks


PayPal appears to be calling out Apple and its newly announced mobile payment service Apple Pay with an ad appearing in The New York Times print edition (via Pando Daily) indirectly reminding people of last month’s disastrous iCloud photo leak when a list of celebrities found their personal photos an intimate situations published on the web. The ad reads “We the people want our money safer than our selfies,” but PayPal isn’t without its own security issue in the past.
Apple already has over 500 million iTunes account with most having credit cards, the company says, and iCloud features like iCloud Keychain manage and utilize credit card data for auto-completing credit card information.
Starting next month, Apple will handle mobile payments in physical retailers and venues for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users, though, with Apple Pay. Apple says it never sees data about the transaction, though, which is secured using a combination of NFC, the iPhone’s secure enclave, and Touch ID fingerprint reader.
Check out the full PayPal ad below.

Great Guide On The Things You Must Know About Your Iphone

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What are apps and how can they help you experience your iphone usage better? The following article will answer that question and give you information to make it much easier to use apps to get the most from your iphone. You may even find your whole life becomes much simpler with an iphone.

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